Information Resource Center

Information Resource Centre of the Institute fromed in September 2009.

Literature foundation

Library total fund, 4412 – (+700 electronic information)

-pedagogical, educational and methodical literature –  1975

-Social literature-702

-handbook dictionaries-42

-public literature-593

-Artistic literature-1100

– Electronic Information-700

– audio-visual materials

Information Resource Centre of the Institute operates in three divisions:

-reading room

-rental hall

-Department store

Reading room

All library users can use the reading room. In the hall the computers connected to the Internet and are provided for using. The xerox, DVD, TV sets and newspapers and magazines.

Rental hall

Rental hall contains of valuable literature,  original copies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, texts of lectures, theme folder, a list of recommendations.

Storage office

It contains copies of the library books